Prepare for Game Day: Taxi & Limo Service to Michigan Stadium

Those who visit the city of Ann Arbor generally love the University of Michigan sports teams too. Premier Taxi & Limo Service is an excellent service ready to assist people that wish to travel around town with ease. Therefore, as we reach the height of football season, you should prepare how you’re going to get to, and from, Michigan sports arenas. But even more, you should think about how you’re going to get around Ann Arbor during your entire stay. Whether you’re an alumni, a student, sports fan, or a friend of the University, here’s why you need a taxi shuttle or chauffeured limo service while you’re in Ann Arbor in the fall and winter time:

You Can Ride from the Airport in Style

The Detroit Metro Airport is the closest major airport to campus. From this airport, you can fly in internationally or domestically. Although the Detroit Metro Wayne County Airport is easy to navigate and convenient for travelers who don’t want to arrive to town by train or car, it is still a substantial ride to campus. The trip is roughly 26 miles to central Ann Arbor. When you hire a taxi, you don’t have to worry about renting a car or using an unreliable ride-share service. Make your life easy and choose a taxi or premier limo service.

Pregaming is Safe and Easy

Before Michigan plays at home, you’re going to want to get something to drink or eat to celebrate and enjoy the festivities surrounding the game. Visitors often pregame at local bars, like Brown Jug RestaurantGood Time Charley’s or The Blue Leprechaun. All of these hot spots will provide you with delectable drinks and food, so instead of having to worry about walking to the stadium after enjoying yourself at the bar, have a taxi service reserved and ready to shuttle you to the stadium.

Traffic Won’t Be an Issue

Before and after Michigan games, there’s often a lot of traffic because all the spectators are trying to leave campus to catch kickoff. If you’re visiting Ann Arbor on vacation, you don’t want to have to worry about driving in traffic yourself. This can be very stressful, annoying, and frustrating. Instead of navigating horrible traffic, relax in the back of a taxi or limousine. You can talk to your friends and family in the car instead of being the one in charge of driving through chaos. Michigan Stadium is one of the biggest in the country and world. Can you imagine how crowded it can be with over 100,000 thousand fans visiting at one time?

You Can Meet Up with College Students You Care about Easily

Many college students don’t have cars, so if you’re visiting the University of Michigan to see your child, family member, or close loved one who attends Michigan, it’s hard to meet up with them efficiently. Hiring a taxi service is a great way to remedy this issue because you can simply ride in your cab or limo to dorms—or wherever the student lives—and you can meet up with them quickly before the big game.

You’re Able to Pick Up Spirit Wear Before the Game

Are you in a pinch to pick up Michigan jerseys, foam fingers, or other spirit wear? You don’t have to worry about lugging these items on a plane when you choose a local taxi service. Your limo can drop you off at the bookstore or a retail shop so that you can stock up on spirited attire before you watch the game.

Make it to the Game from Hotels on Time

Michigan football games are always exciting, and always upsetting to miss. Not often can you attend Michigan games in person, especially if you live in a different state or country. So, if you’re visiting Ann Arbor, you want to ensure you make the game on time so that you can see the team play from start to finish. Taxi services are almost always on time, so it’s better to call a taxi service that’s committed to reservations like ours than to drive yourself to the game if you’re looking to be punctual.

Choose Premier Taxi & Limo Service to Take You to Michigan Stadium

This fall, don’t settle for a taxi service that’s less than the best. If you’re ready to have an easy and fun game day, choose Premier Taxi & Limo Service. For more information about our services for game day, night games, hourly rates, and availability, call 734-780-9122 to speak with a live operator or you can contact us.

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